3 Green Cleaning Kitchen Tips 

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the home. With food preparation occurring there, it’s essential that no harmful chemicals are transferred from the kitchen benchtop to your food in the cleaning process. Green cleaning is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and safe. In this blog, we share our top three tips for green cleaning in the kitchen.  

1) Stay clear of commercial drain cleaners 

No one likes to discover a clogged sink. The easy solution is to turn to a commercial drain cleaner. The problem with a standard acidic drain cleaner, however, is that they basically burn the gunk in your pipes, clearing the blockage away. A better method to treat a clogged drain is to pour boiling water down it. Make sure to try this method before moving on to advanced methods. It’s also important that after clearing the clog, you commit to practicing preventative maintenance in your kitchen sink, such as ensuring that nothing solid goes down the drain.  

2) Avoid aerosol oven cleaners 

A clean oven is crucial to every kitchen. However, it’s key that you avoid aerosol oven cleaners as they are incredibly strong and dangerous. If you can afford the technology, a self-cleaning oven is an amazing invention. Natural methods also work well. To clean an oven in an eco-friendly way, sprinkle about a 1.4-inch layer of baking soda over the entire bottom of the oven. Next, wet the baking soda with water using a clean spray bottle. Keep spraying the baking soda over the following few hours to keep it moist. After allowing the baking soda mixture to sit overnight, scrape and scoop the dried baking soda and grime out of the oven with a damp sponge. Then rise the residue off. 

3) Boiling water is your friend  

For cleaning pots, pans, cookware and dishes, there are a number of different natural methods you can try. If you’re trying to get rid of stubborn, baked-on food off a casserole dish, try adding boiling water and three tablespoons of salt. Allow the dish to stand until the water cools and then clean as usual.  


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