3 Utensils You Need In Your Kitchen

While we’re all different, there tend to be similarities across the essentials found in every kitchen. The right tools enable every home chef to create dishes with flair, creativity and efficiency. In this week’s article, we’ll be running through the three tools no chef should be forced to live without.


This may be a controversial place to begin, but tongs allow you to do so many things. From assisting with the cooking process, to handling the finished product, tongs can help you to get the job done so much more easily.


Arguably, a good knife is the most important tool to be found in the kitchen. Nothing can replace the efficiency of a sharp, well designed knife. Every chef should have three main knives:

  • A chef’s knife: when it comes to your main knife, don’t be afraid to invest a little more. This tool will invariably pay for itself a thousand times over. When shopping for a new chef’s knife, big doesn’t necessarily mean better- you should look for something that fits well in your hand, suits your purposes and has a sharp edge.
  • A paring knife: this tool comes in handy when handling smaller items; think along the lines of peeling, slicing or coring more intricate elements.
  • A serrated knife: essential for slicing breads and cakes, a serrated knife should be big enough to suit your intended purposes. Be careful though, these knives slip more easily than others, and can leave a nasty cut.

Blenders/food processors

A good blender can make all the difference in your cooking. You don’t need one that is too fancy, just something high powered that will get the job done. If you’re the type who uses their food processor a lot, it may be worth investing in a blender that falls within the higher price range. Of course, you can also consider a range of different blenders, for different purposes.

Of course, every home chef will require different tools, but good knives and blenders make the job just so much easier.

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