How To Choose The Perfect Dishwasher For Your Kitchen  

When designing your kitchen, there’s a lot of things to consider. From the aesthetic choices of your splashback colour to the more subtle decisions of which dinnerware and crockery you want to use. There’s also some big practical decisions you need to make, which will not only effect the look of your kitchen but also how smoothly it operates and simplifies your life. A dishwasher is one of them. In this week’s blog, we share our top tips for choosing the perfect dishwasher. 

1) Budget 

The first factor you want to take into account when searching for a dishwasher is your budget. Typically, units range from around $250 to $2,2000 for more high end models. Finding where your price point sits along this spectrum will be key to eliminating certain units. As expected, the more expensive the dishwasher, the more features and longevity you will generally get. 

2) Size 

The next thing to consider is size. How the dishwasher will fit into your kitchen is essential to finding the perfect unit. For those building a new kitchen, you have the flexibility of building in whatever size dishwasher you please. However, if you’re replacing on old unit, you’ll be more restricted by what space is available.  

3) Energy Efficiency 

It is key that every single one of us takes steps to help our environment and choosing an energy-efficient dishwasher is one easy way to do that. Make sure to check the Energy Rating logos which are fitted to all appliances. These will provide you with information on the energy consumption of your unit. If possible, choose the machines which have the highest energy-efficient rating.   

4) Housekeeping Habits 

Another important point to keep in mind is your housekeeping habits. Do you do the dishes after every meal or once a day? Is your family large or is it just you? If your dishwasher needs to service a larger load, this is a significant consideration that needs to be made when purchasing a dishwasher. 

5) Features 

The last factor to take into account is which features you want your dishwasher to have. From adjustable racks to sensors to rinse and hold cycles to filters, there are so many different features out there to simplify your washing process. Make sure to choose the dishwasher which includes features that are essential to you.  

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