5 Reasons Why you Should use Natural Materials in your Interior Decor

Technologies and interior trends come and go, but natural materials have proven time and time again to be a reliable, stylish and high quality décor solution. This week, we look at five key reasons why you should invest in natural materials.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Natural materials are by and large reusable, renewable, and do not require a lot of energy to create or process like plastics do.

  1. Durability

There’s a very good reason why antique stone tabletops and carved wooden armchairs can remain in pristine condition for centuries; simply put, natural materials are incredibly durable. For example, Granite is the hardest and densest natural stone which is both lustrous and stain resistant. A granite benchtop will remain shiny and stain free for a lifetime and probably a little while beyond.

  1. Stylish

Architects and interior designers have been preoccupied with bringing the outdoors inside and vice versa for several years now. For this reason, natural materials have featured heavily in on trend interiors in the form of rustic stone walled fireplaces, marble benchtops, and blond wood framed furniture.

  1. Timeless

Whilst natural materials are having a moment in interior design, they are also a tried and true décor staple that has proven staying power. Whilst ‘on trend’ textures, colours and high tech materials come and go, natural materials can be adapted to suit virtually any design preference and don’t tend to date.

  1. Exciting neutrals

Neutral pieces are the essential canvas from which you build your interior design fantasy, but they don’t have to be entirely devoid of personality. Natural materials with their unique differentiations make the perfect neutrals as these subtle differences add another layer of complexity to your interior.


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