5 Interior Design Trends: Spring 2017

When it comes to updating your home, you should be choosing materials and elements that suit not only your own style, but also the way your home functions. But sometimes seeking inspiration from design trends can be amazingly helpful to better understand what you like. In this article, we’ll be going through the top 5 design trends for spring of 2017.


Who doesn’t love terracotta? With its warm, deep orange and brown hue, terracotta is quickly becoming a popular addition to any home environment. To keep everything from looking outdated, the emphasis is now on a natural, matte finish to add character and charm to interiors. Use terracotta as a feature wall in bathrooms, or around fireplaces for the best result.

Dark Green

In springtime, it’s all about nature. Dark green reminds us of deep forests, and adds a deep, soothing touch to rooms such as the bedroom. With reference to the outdoors, this Scandi-inspired backdrop can create a romantic, atmospheric mood in your home.


With its roots in ancient Greece, marble may be nothing new but this natural texture is innovative, slightly left of field, and downright inspired. The key is using marble in your home is making sure it’s subtle. As a material that’s already visually interesting, going overboard can lead to design overkill, but when used with purpose, it can be stunning.

Upholstered Bedheads

While 2016 was all about timber bed frames, spring 2017 will see a return to luxury in the bedroom. Upholstered bedheads represent comfort and warmth- what more could you want? From classic models in neutral colours, to more extravagant, jewel-toned bedheads, there’s something out there to suit everyone.

Woven Textures

As we shift forward to the warmer months, woven textiles and accents can bring depth and character to any room. Whether you choose to hang woven baskets as decorative elements, or incorporate this rough, natural texture into everyday objects such as rugs, plant holders or lampshades, there’s never been a better time to return to woven textiles.

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