9 Smart Tips For The Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a huge task that can certainly feel overwhelming to plan and execute. While it goes without saying, it can also cost a fortune. We’ve compiled our top renovation tips today that will help you navigate the renovation process and even save you some money along the way.

Tip 1: Know your plumbing

Before you even begin researching renovation options, you should be very familiar with the layout of your bathroom and, more importantly, the plumbing. You can save up to thousands of dollars by keeping the shower, toilet and vanity in the same place, since this means you won’t need to redo all the plumbing.

Tip 2: Think about why you’re renovating

Are you renovating for a potential buyer? Or do you plan to enjoy your renovated bathroom for years to come? Such questions should be asked every time you need to make a renovation decision.

Your decisions may vary depending on the answers to the questions. If you’re renovating for a potential buyer, you should aim for a clean, universally friendly bathroom design rather than something that is right up your particular alley. You want to avoid all possibilities of turning the buyer off, and the easiest way to do that is to keep it simple. Keeping the bathroom design minimal also ensures that it won’t become dated in five or ten years’ time.

Tip 3: Keep lists and research

A good way to prepare for a stress-free renovation is to research. You can look at mood boards online, collect samples or quotes, and even gather ideas from friends or family.

One way you can organise your thoughts is to keep lists. In fact, one expert suggests that the first list you should write is one that states everything you don’t like in a bathroom. This helps to narrow down your options. From here, figure out what you must have, and what you can fit within your budget.

Tip 4: Be a smart shopper

You can save lots of money simply by asking for samples or seconds on larger items at bathroom supply stores. Don’t afraid to be savvy and collect quotes, either.

Avoid expensive taps, handles and tiles at all costs; these are items that can be sourced for great prices while retaining their quality. At the same time, reconsider key items on your must-have list: do you really need an entirely new bathtub, or does it just need to be given a little facelift?

Tip 5: Focus on the right details

The reason it pays to be a smart shopper is because you can then afford to spend money where it counts. Lighting, for example, plays a key role in the ambience and functionality of your bathroom. Look into dimmable lighting, heated lighting and directional lighting (especially for the mirror area).

Stone benchtops are another one of the features you should pay a little more for. They are easy to maintain, trendy and they add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They are also long-wearing and timeless in the context of design.

Tip 6: Ventilation is key

Don’t forget about the logistics of your new bathroom, either. It is a place where moisture can easily cling to the walls or other surfaces, inviting mould to grow in these areas. This potential hazard has an easy fix, though: simply ensure your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Two ways to ventilate include:

Tip 7: Make your bathroom look bigger

There are a few different ways you can trick the eyes into thinking your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Here are a few clever bathroom renovation hacks:

  • Have a sliding shower door (rather than hinged). Keep the shower screens clear and borderless.
  • Use large mirrors to make the area seem bigger.
  • Have a basin that is wall-mounted rather than a freestanding vanity.
  • Hide storage areas behind mirrors, doors, or look into tilt-out drawers.

Tip 8: Allow enough time for the project

Treat your time like your financial budget for the renovation. That is, always assume the project will take up more time than you initially expect it to. While a standard project realistically only takes about a month or two to complete, one expert suggests allocating around three to the renovation. This will give you an ample amount of time to research and execute the whole renovation.

Tip 9: Choose the right team

Due to the range of skills required to redo a bathroom, you might find that you need to hire a variety of tradespeople to complete the job. The task can seem overwhelming, but not if you remember a few key factors:

  • You can check testimonials from other customers.
  • Cheaper does not mean better! Always check the contractor’s previous work.
  • If you’re unsure about a contractor, keep looking and gathering quotes.


Stone Design Group can help with your bathroom renovation if you’re looking into investing in stone benchtops or any other stone features. We source from the highest quality suppliers and all our work comes with a 7-year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind. Contact us today to find out more.