The Advantages of Stone Kitchen Benchtops

When building a new home, or renovating, one of the key questions you must ask yourself is which finishes you want for your kitchen and bathroom benchtops. There are many different benchtop materials on the market, including metal, laminate, timber, tile and concrete, however stone benchtops remain one of the most popular choices for the kitchen – and with good reason. In this blog, we look at some of the key advantages a stone kitchen benchtop will offer you.



Easy to clean

A good quality stone kitchen benchtop will be made from a single piece of stone or marble, meaning its surface will be smooth with no indents or crevices, making it very easy to clean. All you’ll need to clean your stone benchtop is a non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaner, some water and a damp cloth. Because of the lack of crevices, the need for scrubbing is almost eliminated.

Resistant to stains, scratches and heat

Both natural and fabricated stone is used to create stone benchtops, and many of these stone varieties are non-porous, which means they are highly stain resistant and will retain their original vibrancy and shine for many years to come. The hardwearing nature of stone also makes it resistant to heat and scratches, so you can place hot items such as pots and pans on your stone benchtop knowing there is no risk of damage.

Visually stunning

Not only are stone benchtops hardwearing, they’re also visually stunning and will instantly add value to your home. Stone benchtops come in a variety of finishes and colours, so you’ll be sure find something that fits with the existing colour scheme and overall design aesthetic of your kitchen. From minimalist black granite to ornate marble, there is a stunning stone benchtop to suit every taste.

Easy to install

Because all quality stone benchtops are made to order, they are very easy to install. A reputable stonemason will take care of the entire process, from measurements to ordering and cutting to installation, so all you’ll have to do is sit back and let them work their magic.

Stone Design Group source beautiful stone kitchen benchtops from a huge range of leading brands, and we are more than happy to order in stone from your chosen supplier upon request. We will organise everything, including sourcing, measuring and installation and we’re happy to offer a 7-year workmanship warranty on all jobs. Start building your dream kitchen today and call Stone Design Group on 03 9498 3444.