Bathroom trends of 2017/2018  

While the bathroom is not typically the first area you think of in terms of amazing design, your bathroom can be one of the memorable spaces of your space. From natural materials to continuity green, living plants, there are lots of bathroom ideas that can completely transform the appeal of your bathroom. In this week’s blog, we share the top bathroom trends of 2017/2018. 

1) Combine natural materials for an exciting, dynamic look 

2017 saw a return to the organic and natural. One place where this was highlighted was the bathroom. The first bathroom trend of 2017/2018 is therefore the combination of natural materials. Aim for clean colours, seamless lines and then a splash of natural style and warmth.  

2) Continuity 

The next bathroom trend is continuity. Choosing materials that are easy to maintain and fit can not only be a practical choice but a stylistic one, too. Incorporate bold design choices in a few places throughout your bathroom for a stunning look. This can create a simple yet playful design outcome. 

3) Go bold or go home 

Combining modern and organic design features will create a bold look sure to wow guests. For example, juxtaposing wood and stone can create an unexpected yet dramatic and attractive design.  

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