9 Bathroom Trends For 2018

Is your bathroom due for a makeover? With the right touches and designs, you can transform your bathroom into an oasis. However, making your dream bathroom come to life is easier said than done. Many of us know what we want our bathroom to feel like but don’t know where to start when it comes to putting it together. Don’t worry, we are going to set you on the right track by getting you inspired. In this blog, we are sharing our favourite bathroom trends of 2018 to get you started.


Standalone spa-like baths


A freestanding bathtub is simply a bath that is not attached or built into the wall and has all its elegant curves exposed. They may function the same way as a built-in tub, but they tend to open up space in your bathroom because they don’t look as bulky. This is perfect if you’re worried about space when installing a large bath. If you’re going big, the trend is to have some spa functions like jets or seats for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Smart Bathrooms


Embrace the future by adding technological features to your bathroom. The smallest feature will add a combination of functionality and luxury. You’ll never want to leave. You could install a toilet that automatically flushes with heated seats perfect to get you through the cold months. There are also demystifying mirrors so you’ll never have to wipe foggy mirrors after stepping out of the shower. You can even install voice control so you can adjust temperature, lighting and music without lifting a finger.


Traditional styles


While modern designs are truly mouth-watering, you might feel more at home with older and more comfortable bathrooms. One of the big trends of the year is going back to more of a traditional feel. If you live in an older house this would mean accentuating the historical elements of your bathroom like adding art deco tiles and brass fixtures. Tradition means something different to everybody, so the design possibilities are endless.


Black fixtures


Why settle for a plain old silver faucet? A black showerhead, taps, faucets and towel rack is going to give your bathroom a sleek modern touch. Black is so easy to coordinate with, it is going to suit pretty much any bathroom. And we all know that black never really goes out of style, so your bathroom will always have a classy touch.


Displaying storage


No more cupboards or draws. Instead of hiding it all away having your storage-exposed challenges you to keep it all organised. An exposed shelf is also an opportunity to colour coordinate your towels and arrange products into a stunning display.


Statement basins


A statement basin is perfect for adding flair to your bathroom with a limited budget. It will give your bathroom the glamorous or sleek touch you are looking for. You could have an elegantly designed and sculpted basin. You could dress up your basin with a unique design. You could get a ceramic printed or a stained glass basin. The only limit is your imagination.


Hints of metallic


Having a little splash of gold or precious materials will make your bathroom feel luxurious and exquisite without making it look gaudy. There are so many interesting textures for chrome that you can play with. You could use rose gold to highlight your new bath or a dull brass if you want a more traditional style to your bathroom.


One material rooms


When one material room became popular in the 80s you’d mostly see wall-to-wall pastel pink. While a dream bathroom for some, you might be looking for a more subtle design for your bathroom. Modern one material bathrooms will make your bathroom seem more spacious while making a statement. The possibilities are infinite and all of them stand out. If you are looking for a Mediterranean aesthetic then you can have a ceiling-to-floor wall-to-wall mosaic. For a minimal brutalist feel you can go for a smooth concrete finish.


Marble walls


A popular material for one material room is marble. It is a versatile stone when it comes to design. There is something old and classic about it, giving your bathroom a timeless feel, while also being modern and clean. Featuring a marble wall works best with minimalist design, too many design elements and your bathroom will start to look chaotic.


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