The Advantages of Stone Baths 

Baths are a relaxing, luxurious part of any bathroom. They can elevate your bathroom to another level and create a new focal point in the room. Stone baths, in particular, are an incredibly stunning form of bath. In this week’s blog, we share the advantages of stone baths. 

1) Stone Baths Are Durable 

The first advantage of stone baths is that they’re durable. Stone is an extremely strong, long-lasting material. Unlike cheaper materials, such as acrylic, stone won’t crack. It should also only suffer easily repairable minor damage if you do accidentally damage it. Although the colour of the stone is likely to change over time, you can slow down this process by taking good care of your bath.  

2) Retain Heat 

While many think that cold stone is not ideal for a bath, this is actually incorrect as stone retains heat. This ensures your warm bath stays hotter longer than other materials. 

3) Easily Repairable  

When it comes to items that are used regularly, it’s only inevitable that they will develop some scratches and scuffs over time. However, with stone baths, there’s no need for concern because repairing any marks is rather easy. Cleaning a stone bath will require slightly more maintenance than your average bath but the steps involved won’t consume a large amount of your time. Always remember that the long-lasting potential of your stone bath is something you have to actively maintain by regularly cleaning your bath.  

4) Range of Designs to Choose From 

There are a wide variety of designs to choose from with stone baths. From different shapes and colours, there is sure to be a stone bath that suits you and your bathroom. The popular stone bath design is the oval shape, which allows you to be deeply immersed in the water. The regular square design is also nice and has a cutting-edge modern look.  

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