How To Prepare For A Stress Free Renovation

Are you one renovation away from your dream home? Are you feeling hesitant because the process feels overwhelming? There are so many renovation horror stories floating around that sometimes it doesn’t feel worth the stress. We are here to tell you that you can have your dream home and minimise the stress that can come with renovating. In this blog, we are sharing tips on how to properly prepare for a renovation.




A renovation can disrupt routine and, if you are not prepared, it can be stressful for the whole family. Before renovations start, check in with everybody’s schedule and their needs. From there you can start to work around the renovation to make sure life goes on as usual. If you have children keep in mind that sometimes the process can be distressing. Take some time to explain what the renovation will entail and how they will benefit with the end result. While the renovation is happening check in with them and make sure they have space away from the chaos of construction.




Renovations are not only stressful to you. Big or small, if your renovation is going to make noise you should take some time to inform your neighbours. It’s not only courteous but it helps prevent run-ins with angry neighbours. If you share a wall with a neighbour then you need to get permission.


Stay or go?


Depending on the length and the scope, you might be considering taking a long vacation during the renovation. While you might have to stay somewhere else if there is a lot of construction to your home you should stay nearby in order to be present for the process.


Even if you might have the best contractors in the world, there will be bumps in the road and it is vital that you are there to make sure the renovation doesn’t steer off course. It will make a world of difference if you are able to check in on the process and talk to your contractor in person.


If you are dead-set on that vacation just make sure there is something around who you trust to take care of your renovation.


Protecting your home


Regardless of if you decide to stay or go, you should pack and cover as much as possible.


Move as much as possible out of the way. For example, if you are having work done lounge room then you should take out as much furniture as possible. Don’t forget your indoor plants, they may not be able to survive the dust and sawdust.


Any furniture that is staying in the house should be covered with a plastic sheet so dust doesn’t damage it. The same applies to anything else that can be harmed by dust like electronics or other precious items. Protect your belongings by sealing them in boxes and covering them in plastic sheets.


Take down any photos or art hanging on the wall and pack them away with the rest of your belongings. The renovations may shake the walls and cause them to fall so it is better to put them away until the construction is finished.


Finally, if there are any vents around the construction you should close or cover it. This will prevent dust from building up inside and any damage it may cause.




Finding the right contractor can be a source of great stress when it comes to renovations. For many, the search for a reliable contractor feels difficult and overwhelming. Don’t sweat, there are plenty of amazing contractors out there. A good way to find one and avoid getting stuck with a dodgy contractor is to conduct interviews. You should interview a contractor for every part of the renovation; the minimum you should conduct at least three interviews. This involves following up on their references, checking the sites of their previous projects and asking people if they were satisfied with their service.


If this seems like a lot of work just remember that the wrong contractor will cost you time, money and potentially your dream renovation. Taking the time to prepare the right contractor will undoubtedly make the renovation less stressful.




Doing a little research on materials will save you from investing in materials that are poor quality or don’t work with the overall décor. This will also make sure your spending money on things that will last and will be the most useful. You can start by consulting an interior design expert, they can guide you on what will work best for the space you have.


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