How to Design a Timeless Bathroom

Whether you’re building your dream home or undergoing a renovation your bathroom will be one of the most important rooms to consider when it comes to design. When designing your ideal bathroom, be careful not to fall for seasonal trends and instead opt for design features that will stand the test of time, as this will discourage you from wasting money on another remodeling years down the track. In this week’s blog, we share a few bathroom design features that never go out of style.

Choose a classic colour scheme

It can be tempting to choose your bathroom’s colour palette based on the year’s latest trends, however you’re better off going for classic bright whites and creams as your main focus, with accents of colour throughout your design features. Opt for monochrome wherever possible and if you want to add some colour, go for classic blues and greens.

Antique style features age well

Historic looking features like clawfoot bathtubs, copper, brass or nickel handles and faucets, Victorian style vanities and ornate mirrors have been around long enough to age well and will add a touch of personality to your bathroom. Whether you want to go for real deal antiques or replicas, you’ll be sure to find some beautiful timeless fittings suited to your budget.

Choose Your Vanity Wisely

Vanities take up a lot of space in the bathroom, so it’s important that your chosen vanity is just as timeless as the rest of your bathroom features. Rustic looking farmhouse type vanities or Victorian looking vanities make excellent choices, however if you’re going for a cleaner look, opt for a simple white vanity with a beautiful marble benchtop finish. Your choice of vanity will also depend on whether you want an in-built sink or a pedestal sink.

Go With Marble

Marble bathroom benchtops have an elegant, timeless appeal about them and will bring an air of luxury to your bathroom. Marble bathroom benchtops are also incredible durable and will keep their pristine condition for many years. If you’re going for a classic look, a marble or granite benchtop is definitely the way to go.

If you’re in the process of building your dream bathroom and plan to opt for classic design materials, contact Stone Design Group. We source and install a huge range of beautiful stone fittings including marble benchtops and stone splashbacks.