How to Give your Home a Luxe Renovation

If you’re undertaking a home renovation, there are many different design options to consider. If you’re trying to increase the value of your home, however, you can’t really go wrong with contemporary finishes that add a touch of luxe to your home. Here are some great ways to give your home an air of luxury while sticking to your renovation budget.

Lush colours

Lush neutral colours like whites, creams, and greys and blacks are a classic way to decorate your home and will give each room an elegant appeal. One of the most important things about your colour scheme, however, is that it coincides with the available natural light in each room. An expansive room with high ceilings and plenty of natural light provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with a deep hued feature wall. If your home is on the smaller side, or doesn’t receive much natural light, a classic monochrome look is a great option.

Focus on lighting

Beautiful light fixtures will create a point of difference in your home and can be used to highlight other design features. Whether you opt for pendant accent lighting or dimmable downlights, a good lighting scheme will make your home feel at once luxurious and inviting.

Upscale fittings

By investing in elegant looking fittings, your home will look instantly more glamourous. Pay close attention to things like kitchen and bathroom taps, sinks, cabinet doors and handles, splashbacks and benchtops. Marble benchtops will instantly jazz up your kitchen or bathroom (or better yet, both) and come with the benefits of being hard-wearing, long lasting and easy to clean.


Creating a luxurious looking home isn’t just about beautiful permanent fittings, but also about how you decorate. Lush looking rugs, throw cushions and pillows, vases filled with fresh flowers and ornaments are all great ways to cultivate an elegant appeal. Whether you go for a modern, minimalist approach, or for something grand, work with an interior decorator to ensure all your design elements come together nicely.

Start an art collection

Much in the same vein as accessorising, art is another way to add character to your home. Whether your penchant is for sculptures, photography or paintings, you’ll be sure to find some amazing pieces that complement your home’s existing aesthetic. Try to buy art from local artists wherever possible and think carefully about the best way to display it.

By following these renovating and decorating tips, your home will exude an elegant, luxurious charm. If you plan to invest in a stone or marble benchtop, contact Stone Design Group today on 03 9498 3444.