Granite Countertop Fact File

Granite countertops are one of our most popular products as they tick many of the aesthetic and practical boxes our clients have when seeking a bench top surfacing solution. This week, we give you a rundown on granite’s properties and how it can be incorporated into your home interior.

What is granite?

Granite is an extremely hard igneous rock with a granular, crystalline structure consisting of quarts, feldspar and mica. The combination of these minerals results in red, pink, grey or white coloured rock with darker grains running throughout. Granite has been used as a building material since antiquity most notably to build the pyramids in Egypt from as far back as the 26th century B.C.

What are the benefits of having a granite countertop?

As a countertop material, granite has several advantages including:

  • Adding value to your home (granite doesn’t depreciate)
  • Long lasting and the colour will never fade
  • Creates a one-of-a-kind benchtop due to the natural variations in colour and pattern
  • As granite isn’t porous, it doesn’t collect bacteria and is easy to sanitise- cleaning your granite benchtop requires no more than some warm water and detergent
  • Because of the way granite is formed, it can easily take the heat of a hot pan straight out of the oven

What kind of kitchen design is granite best suited to?

Granite pairs extremely well with other natural materials such as wood, marble and slate. It’s traditionally used to create rustic, Provincially inspired kitchen spaces. In more recent years, granite’s elegant natural patterning and subdued colour palette has been used as a central focal point and contrast in minimalist modern interiors.

What are some other ways I can incorporate granite into my home?

Granite tiling is an extremely elegant way to create a modern bathroom interior, granite hearths can add a touch of luxury and old world romance to your living room, and granite cladding can be used virtually anywhere in the home to make a subtle aesthetic statement.


Stone Design Group sells state of the art granite countertops in a wide array of colours and styles. Our granite countertops are custom made to suit the unique requirements of your kitchen space. To learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 03 9498 3444.