Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips 

Minimalism is an increasingly popular trend. In design, minimalism refers to the focus on simplicity and elegant, clean lines. It means a lot more than just decluttering a space but is rather about achieving an atmosphere and style that is uncomplicated. In this week’s blog, we share our top minimalist kitchen design tips. 

1) Classic monochrome look 

Using a monochrome palette is the most popular colour scheme for a modern, minimalist kitchen design. Opt for clean lines and a sharp colour palette to provide the illusion of cleaner, wider space. 

2) Introduce a splash of colour 

Minimalism doesn’t have to be all black and white. You can introduce hints of colour into your minimalist kitchen design. Although we wouldn’t recommend going crazy with colour, there’s no harm in incorporating a feature colour on a wall or throughout your kitchen accessories. Purple, red and blue are popular choices.  

3) Consider your kitchen appliances 

Before you begin your minimalist design, make sure to think of the practical elements. Consider which appliances are essential to your kitchen and then think of how you can seamlessly incorporate them to fit into the space. A great way to create a clean, modern look is to opt for appliances, which have several features. This will help keep the space neat and open. 

4) Thoughtful lighting  

Lighting can completely elevate and transform a space. With lots of different lighting options to choose from, think about what is best for your space and overall aesthetic. Pendant lighting, concealed lighting and LED strip lights are popular choices for achieving a minimalist interior design. 

5) Keep up the clean lines 

When it comes to furniture, always think about items with clean lines. For example, with cupboards, choose small, thin handles on the top of the door to produce a style with less visual clutter. If you’re striving for an ultra minimalist look, handle-free might be the way to go.  

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