The 3 Stages of Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen is always an ambitious task, but often an incredibly rewarding one too. Stress is an inevitable part of the process, but by understanding the renovation process, you can be sure to minimise unnecessary headaches. In this week’s article, we’re going to be exploring the three stages of the kitchen renovation process.

Stage 1: Design

At this stage, let your creativity flow! You may have a few ideas of your own, but always meet with a designer who can help you to make those dreams a reality. Together, you’ll begin to develop a concept for your kitchen. Consider questions such as; what do you use your kitchen for? How will you create flow and order? What do you want it to look like? What kinds of features are important to you? What can you reasonably build in your existing space? With these questions answered, you and the designer can begin to piece together a design.

Stage 2: Sourcing you materials

Once your design is finalised, you’re ready to meet with contractors to get their quotes for the job. When it comes to contractor costs, it’s important to make sure that you’re sticking to your budget. However, the best price doesn’t always equal the best outcome, so always go for quality rather than the lowest price. At this stage, consider natural materials for your kitchen space. Elements such as marble benchtops, timber floors and stone cladding are timeless ways to add elegance to your home. Your contractor will also be able to outline a timeline for your renovation process – on average, this will last 4-6 months.

Stage 3: Renovation begins

So you’ve created your design, chosen a contractor, sourced your materials and devised a renovation timeline. Now, you’re ready to set the wheels in motion! Even with all the preparation you’ve done, this is potentially the messiest stage, so prepare to be flexible. Just remember: at the end, you’ll have a beautiful new kitchen.

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