Using Stone Cladding To Add Charm To Your Home

If you love how stone walls look but aren’t looking to diverge from the timber frame construction model, stone cladding can be an amazing feature to add timeless style and value to both interior and exterior walls. It can serve as an alternative to other materials such as weatherboard or concrete, can be used to increase insulation for your home or may simply be used as a decorative element.

What styles are available?


The least expensive way to achieve stone cladding uses tiles without intricate patterns or borders. However, there is also the option to customise the cut and design of tiles to be used for stone cladding. From there, there are many choices regarding stone materials including limestone, slate, bluestone, sandstone, travertine, and many more. With the incredibly diverse range of styles, textures and shades, there are so many ways to make stone fit your home aesthetic.


How is it maintained?


Stone cladding is incredibly low maintenance. All that is required to keep your stone cladding looking good is a yearly wash which prevents the growth of mould or mildew on stones that have unique gaps or protrusions that are sheltered from the sun. There is also the possibility for efflorescence, which is a powdery coating of salt, as a result of water evaporating from the stone. But the natural materials used to achieve stone cladding mean that any style is easy to maintain, and will last for years to come.


With the amazing versatility of materials such as limestone and sandstone, stone cladding is the perfect way to transform any house into a castle.


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