Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Premium Marble Kitchen Benchtop Design Solutions. Invest in a classic design statement that is synonymous with luxury.

Nothing says timeless elegance quite like marble. A rare material which has managed to transcend fluctuating trends, marble retains the same aura of luxury and decadence that it had centuries ago when it was used to build architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal and the Acropolis. Today, marble is a staple, multipurpose material which can be used to dramatic effect in the modern home. Marble benches are particularly popular as the material is not only aesthetically pleasing but makes a fantastic work surface in heavy traffic areas.

Marble benchtop colours

Choosing marble for your kitchen benchtop opens up a world of design possibilities. Traditionally, white or very light coloured marble with few impurities was highly valued and this form of the material was most commonly used in art and architecture. However, marble actually comes in a wide range of colours and can be blue, gray, pink yellow or black in colour depending on the minerals it contains. In fact, marble with impurities tends to be a popular design option, as these ‘impurities’ are what creates the dramatic veins of colour that gives marble it’s distinct appearance.

Honed vs. polished marble

Marble benchtops come in two finish types: polished and honed marble. Honed marble has a softer more matte finish whilst polished marble is shiny and reflects light. For work surfaces, we recommend honed marble as polished finishes tend to show up stains and scratches more easily. However, if you prefer a polished finish, minor scratches or stains can be spot repolished with marble polishing cream applied with a soft cloth.

Cleaning a marble benchtop

For day to day cleaning, all you need is a soft cloth and some warm water. A microfiber cloth is ideal as this will pick up most stains or burns from honed marble. Conventional kitchen cleaning products should be avoided at all costs as these can burn into the surface of the marble, causing long-term damage.

Because marble is porous, it absorbs all types of liquids so it’s important to keep surfaces clean and wipe up any stains (or even water) as quickly as possible.

Removing stains from a marble benchtop

If your marble benchtop does happen to stain, there are a number of things you can do to lift the stain. Different types of stains require different treatment.

Water and mold stains
Acrylic paint
Ink and paint
Acid based stains
Oil based stains
Organic stains

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