4 Good Reasons You Need A Kitchen Fireplace

When you think ‘fireplace’, you typically follow with ‘living room’ or perhaps ‘backyard’. But have you ever thought of a kitchen fireplace? In today’s blog, we’re giving you four reasons why you should rethink your kitchen to incorporate a fireplace.

It looks unique

If you’re a renovator, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for design trends and unique interior touches. A stone fireplace for the kitchen may not necessarily be a trend, but that’s actually a good thing. You can bank on the fact that it’s a timeless design element and will never go out of style. It can work for modern and traditional homes alike. Plus, it is sure to set your home apart from the rest.


It heats your home from the centre

Many homes nowadays have open central areas where the kitchen, living room and dining room are all part of one big high-traffic area. Heating from this central area, therefore, means that the heat can spread efficiently from a single source. In the end, this could save you hundreds on your winter heating bills as you’re using a natural form of heating for your home. Therefore, having a fireplace in the kitchen is also a practical heating solution.


It creates ambience

You can’t go past a fireplace without commenting on its beauty. In fact, one main reason to invest in a fireplace is that it creates that romantic and relaxing ambience. Whether you often host guests or you simply like the idea of traditional heating, a kitchen fireplace is sure to create a relaxed atmosphere.


It can be multi-purpose

Depending on the design of your home, you may be able to have a kitchen fireplace constructed to be multi-purpose. Stone ovens don’t just have to be outside; imagine being able to cook a pizza in your beautiful indoor stone oven! Owning a multi-purpose kitchen fireplace is a great way to enjoy the luxury of a fireplace without worrying about lack of use.


Stone Design Group can work with you to create the perfect stone fireplace for your kitchen. With our high quality sourced materials and a 7-year workmanship warranty, our work is sure to be a fantastic addition to your home. Call us today on 03 9498 3444 to discuss your options for a kitchen fireplace today.