Why Your Kitchen Needs A Stone Splashback

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or planning to build one from the ground up, having a stone splashback is an option you should consider. Today, we take a look at some reasons why a splashback with a stone design might be for you.


1) It looks timeless

A common myth about stone splashbacks is that they are only suitable for more traditional-looking kitchens. While it may be true that a red stone splashback is not exactly modern, there are a range of designs and materials to choose from when you’re looking for a stone splashback. Stone finishes can include materials like marble, granite, limestone, onyx, and quartzite.

Opting for a splashback that uses cooler tones actually fits quite well in modern homes. To ensure design continuity, it’s a good idea to match the splashback with the stone used in the bench top. It is a great way to make your kitchen look timeless, elegant and luxurious.


2) It’s easy to keep clean

The number one rule of owning a stone splashback is to ensure that it is sealed regularly. This will ensure that your splashback repels mould and grease. You can simply clean the splashback with a damp cloth and mild soap. It is advised you consult the expert installing your splashback to deduce whether you need to take any additional precautions to take care of your splashback.


3) It’s durable

Stone splashbacks come in a variety of long-wearing materials, making them ideal home upgrades. It is certainly not as easy to crack or chip stone as it is to fracture glass. Stone may be susceptible to surface scratches, however this can easily be avoided by using non-abrasive cleaning products when you’re maintaining your splashback.

Certain stone materials also have additional benefits. For example, granite (when sealed regularly) is extra heatproof and stain resistant. Most stones have similar added benefits, making them ideal for splashbacks in areas where food is prepared.


At Stone Designs Group, we specialise in stone design, including stone splashbacks. Our team can work with you to assess the existing design of your kitchen and source a splashback that complements its aesthetic. We can also assist you with maintenance concerns under the 7-year workmanship warranty that we provide. Give us a call on 03 9498 3444 and get a quote today for your dream splashback.